Friday, 24 March 2017

Friday Favorites

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1. Meghan Markle is the definition of beauty and brains. Check out her article about the stigma surrounding periods and how it affects women's access to education.

2. Another International Women's Day article from Tory Burch about embracing ambition!

3. This coat from Zara has it's own Instagram! I think it would make a great coat for work and date night.

4. This isn't a new find, but these striped tops from J. Crew Factory are amazing - so thick, well-made, and versatile. If you don't own one, I highly recommend stocking up for spring!

5. So far I've received 2/4 acceptances from grad school! It has taken a ton of pressure of me since I know that I have somewhere to go in the fall, even if it isn't my top choice. If you have any tips for narrowing down schools please let me know!

6. A few weekends ago I went to a formal and I followed this ponytail tutorial. It was fairly easy to do! I recommend using dry shampoo before you begin styling to help give your hair some volume and texture, and then finish off with a generous amount of hairspray.


  1. I love this! I am looking at grad schools too and it is so stressful!
    Lauren |


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