Wednesday, 8 March 2017

NYC Recap

~Welcome to New York~

My sister at the T Swift exhibit

Jack's Wife Freda

This year for reading week my sister and I planned an impromptu trip to NYC. Within a couple days of my sister suggesting the trip, our hotel and flights were booked. Although I had the option to go to Cuba with my roommates, I'm so glad that I decided to spend with my sister since we rarely get to see each other. Since the weather was so nice, we ended up walking just about everywhere and had the loveliest time. Afterwards, we met up with my parents in Collingwood. We we're supposed to go skiing but the weather was too mild so we just ended up relaxing, playing games, eating, and going for a hike. My boyfriend and his parents met up with us, which made the trip that much better. Now I am back at school stressing about life and wishing I was back on holiday!

Day 1
Where We Went:
-Taylor Swift Experience at the Grammy Museum (my sister's idea, not mine...)
-9/11 Memorial
Where We Shopped:
-Century 21
What We Ate: 
-For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant called Lupa near NYU, which was AMAZING. I had the spinach salad and I honestly didn't know that salad could taste so good. I also the pork belly tortellini, which is hands down the best tortellini I've ever had in my life. 10/10 would recommend.
-Baked by Melissa
Step Count: 

Day 2
Where We Went:
-We tracked down the apartment building where my grandmother grew up after her family immigrated to the US from Ireland. 
-Central Park
-The Met
Where We Shopped:
What We Ate:
-Magnolia Bakery
Step Count:

Day 3
Where We Went:
Where We Shopped:
-tons of shops in Soho, though I didn't buy a thing
What We Ate:
-Jack's Wife Freda (a little overrated TBH)
-Shake Shack
-Magnolia Bakery (had to go back a second time for the red velvet cupcakes)
Step Count:

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  1. Beautiful photos and you, divine. You look stunning in knee-high boots.


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