Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lush Woods

Yesterday I went for a hike with my sister and dad after yoga class. I've been trying to do something active every day to help increase my fitness. I try to stick to activities that I truly find enjoyable, since it feels less like working out and more like fun. 

The woods were absolutely gorgeous. We came across ruins from an old kiln and remnants of an old forest fire. I didn't know this before, but forests can actually grow back stronger than ever after a fire as it helps to return nutrients to the soil. Pretty cool!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Simple Stripes

Top: J. Crew Factory // Jeans: Paige ( similar, similar) // Shoes:  Converse
Bag: Tory Burch ( similar) // Aviators:  Similar

I'm all about simple pieces for spring that are casual but really bring an outfit together. I'm obsessed with J. Crew Factory's striped long sleeve shirts! I have them in a few colors and I get so much use out of them. They're thicker than a regular t-shirt, which is perfect for a chilly or windy spring day. I'm guilty of wearing this exact outfit or a variation a lot lately. I really love the combination of the red shirt with blue sunglasses for an added pop of color.

While shooting, we ran into lots of geese with their babies. I'm not the biggest fan of geese since my campus is full of them and they can actually be pretty scary. During mating season they get very territorial and protective of their young, so they WILL attack if you get too close. I was almost attacked once and it was terrying lol.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday Favorites

1. I finally made my final decision about grad school! I'll be doing my Master's in Public Health at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in the fall. I'm passionate about improving health through programs and policies, so this program is a great fit for me. I almost went to Queen's for undergrad but too many people from my high school were going, so in the end I went to a school where I didn't know a single person. Queen's wasn't originally my top choice for grad school, but it quickly grew on me. I heard about how tight-knit the program is, with small class sizes and professors who know your name. Also, Kingston is such a cute town with lots of cafes, restaurants, and things to do, which is an added bonus.

2. Zaful is sending me some bathing suits. I'm extremely curious to see what the products are like in person, since the prices seem too good to be true and I've read mixed reviews online. You can expect an honest review from me once they arrive.

3. I read another book this week, That Night by Chevy Stevens. I added my review under my Reading List.  It was pretty bad and I wouldn't recommend it, however, I listed several other great options on my reading list.

4. Harry Styles' album is actually pretty good! I really love Carolina. So catchy!

5. If you're looking for discounted Lululemon clothes, then check out their "We Made Too Much" page, where they have final sale items. Now that I'm working out again I've been looking at a few items, including their "Free To Be Zen" bra and these cut-out leggings. They're still a bit pricey, but Lululemon lasts forever. I still have a pair of shorts from middle school!

6. Emily from Ivory Lane revealed her son's newly decorated bedroom. It's amazing!

7. There's a new Master of None season on Netflix! I'm excited to watch. I love how real the show is.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Favorites

1. So I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but during undergrad I don't think I read a single book for pleasure. When I was younger, I was quite the avid reader and I read so many great stories that I remember to this day. However, after a day of reading textbooks and journal articles for university, my idea of relaxing and unwinding did not involve more reading material. This week I've been waiting for my job to start, so to pass the time I decided to get back in to reading. I've already read three novels and loved them all! At the top of my blog I've added in a reading list tab with short reviews of all the books that I've read so far, which I will be adding to throughout the summer. If you have any book recommendations please let me know!

2. I made these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious! So moist and chewy.

3. Bauble Bar has a bracelet builder on their website, that allows you to build a stack of 3 bracelets for $32.

4. As this semester wraps up, a lot of bloggers have been posting about graduation. I really liked Amy's "Letter to the College Undergrad" on I Believe In Pink and Dorothy's Graduation Recap on Prep In Your Step. I'm excited for my graduation ceremony next month!

5. In the past I've enjoyed running outdoors, taking hot yoga classes, and doing cardio/pilates YouTube videos for exercise. During the school year I definitely slacked on the exercise, so this week I decided to finally sign up for a gym membership and work out. Yesterday I decided to start off slow by following some videos at home. I did cardio (here and here), followed by toning exercises. My favorite exercise channel on YouTube is Blogilates! Cassey is so encouraging and she offers such a variety of different videos.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

J. Crew 30% Off Sale Picks

J. Crew is currently offering an extra 30% off sale, as they often do. I found so many cute pieces for spring and summer. Here are my faves!

Monday, 8 May 2017

May Showers

Lately it's been raining a lot and there is more rain to come with weekend (along with flooding unfortunately). This is one of my go-to outfits for rainy weather. I usually wear some sort of variation of this outfit - Hunters and a green jacket with a button-up shirt or a striped t-shirt. This  jacket from Aritzia is tied along with J. Crew's downtown field jacket for my all time favorite fall and spring jacket. I bought it five years ago and Aritzia brings it back every year, for good reason. It fits really nicely and goes with just about everything. If you're looking for something a little more rugged than the downtown jacket, then I would definitely recommend this one!

On another note, I had so much fun shooting this post with my sister! Normally we don't take photos together because it ends in an argument, but this time we actually had fun. I'm so proud of how far her photography has come in the last year and I can't wait to shoot with her allll summer. Stay tuned for lots more outfit posts!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Favorites

1. I'm officially back at home for the summer! Today I shot an outfit post with my sister, so stay tuned for that on Monday.

2. I actually haven't officially decided on grad school. It's funny because I keep telling people that I've made my decision when in reality I change my mind every day. When I know exactly which school I will be attending in the fall I will share this along with my grad school application experience, tips for university/college applications, and a campus tour.

3. You may have seen Jimmy Kimmel's talk about his son's birth and heart disease. It's a sad story with a happy ending and a positive message. I teared up of course.

4. Youtuber Bella Fiori normally posts beauty vids, but she started a new series called Mystery Monday where she talks about unsolved murder cases. I'm hooked.

5. This week I rewatched two decent chick flicks on [Canadian] Netflix, "The Women" and "The Other Woman". Their plot lines are nearly identical: an affluent woman living in Connecticut finds out that her husband is cheating on her with a woman in NYC.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Internship Outfits for Spring and Summer

Outfit 1:  Top //  Pants //  Flats //  Bangle
Outfit 2:  Shirt //  Pants //  Sandals //  Tote
Outfit 3: Ruffle Top ( similar) //  Skirt //  Flats

When I started my first internship around 4 years ago I found it very difficult to figure out what to wear. Many of the outfit ideas that I found Pinterest were outdated, too formal, or inappropriate for an office with a business casual dress code. After completing 5 internships, I've put together an office wardrobe that is professional, but also allows me to express my personal sense of style.

In the spring and summer, my "formula" for a work outfit consists of dress pants or a skirt with a blouse or button-up shirt. I like to buy pieces that I can easily mix and match, so I mainly stick to neutral colours like black, grey, white, and blue. For accessories, I wear pearl earrings every single day and sometimes a delicate necklace or bracelet. As for footwear, I stick to ballet flats or Jack Rogers Navajo if I'm wearing a skirt or dress. If do you want to wear heels, I would recommend something under 3 inches. Personally, I think anything over 4 inches is a bit much for the office, not to mention uncomfortable. For a bag, I use the Tory Burch York tote. It's a bit of a splurge, but I've gotten so much use out of it! Some of my favorite places to shop for work clothes are Banana Republic (during a 40% off sale), J. Crew, and J. Crew Factory. I also really like Aritzia for dress pants and blouses. 

What are your go-to pieces for work?

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