Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Favorites

1. So I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but during undergrad I don't think I read a single book for pleasure. When I was younger, I was quite the avid reader and I read so many great stories that I remember to this day. However, after a day of reading textbooks and journal articles for university, my idea of relaxing and unwinding did not involve more reading material. This week I've been waiting for my job to start, so to pass the time I decided to get back in to reading. I've already read three novels and loved them all! At the top of my blog I've added in a reading list tab with short reviews of all the books that I've read so far, which I will be adding to throughout the summer. If you have any book recommendations please let me know!

2. I made these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious! So moist and chewy.

3. Bauble Bar has a bracelet builder on their website, that allows you to build a stack of 3 bracelets for $32.

4. As this semester wraps up, a lot of bloggers have been posting about graduation. I really liked Amy's "Letter to the College Undergrad" on I Believe In Pink and Dorothy's Graduation Recap on Prep In Your Step. I'm excited for my graduation ceremony next month!

5. In the past I've enjoyed running outdoors, taking hot yoga classes, and doing cardio/pilates YouTube videos for exercise. During the school year I definitely slacked on the exercise, so this week I decided to finally sign up for a gym membership and work out. Yesterday I decided to start off slow by following some videos at home. I did cardio (here and here), followed by toning exercises. My favorite exercise channel on YouTube is Blogilates! Cassey is so encouraging and she offers such a variety of different videos.

Have a great weekend!

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