Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Queens Campus Tour

My program's building. It was the first building in the city to get electricity.

In the fall I will be doing my Master's of Public Health at Queen's University, a medium-sized university located in Kingston, Ontario. On the weekend, I looked at several apartments and houses around the city with my future roommate. Kingston is full of old, historical buildings and some places can be quite run-down, but we managed to find some gems. Afterwards, I toured about the beautiful campus and admired the architecture. Obviously I had to load up on Queens gear at the bookstore ;)

Queens was not always my top choice for grad school. In fact, I added it to my list of schools at the last minute. However, once I received my acceptance, the thought of attending started to grow on me. I talked to a student in the program and she really sold it - small class sizes, professors who know your name, and a non-competitive atmosphere. The staff were warm, personable, and went out of their way to answer questions. This left me with a very good impression, especially since another school that I applied to was snobby and a bit secretive about the application process and the program itself. To top it all off, Kingston is such a cute town, filled with lots of restaurants, cafes, and a beautiful waterfront. I can't wait to move there to start the next chapter of my life and hopefully what will be my last degree!


  1. What a beautiful campus!! So exciting :)


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