Wednesday, 23 August 2017

5 Goals for the Upcoming Semester

I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions - for me, September signals the start of a "new year". For many of us, September will bring new changes - perhaps a new school, new city, new job, new roommates, new classmates, and new professors or teachers. I'll be starting my Master of Public Health degree at Queen's University in September, so I will be experiencing most of these "news". My program is only 16 months long so I really want to make the most of what I hope will be my last degree!

1. Get Straight A's
Among my friends, it's no secret that I'm a huge keener. I love school and I'm proud of what I've been able to achieve academically. I do put a lot of pressure on myself, but for the most part I find that time management skills and study strategies almost always help me achieve my goals without a crazy amount of stress (though this took me a few years to figure out!). So, during my first semester of grad school, I hope to continue to continue this pattern and maintain straight As. However, I won't be too hard on myself if I get a B grade in Biostatistics, a subject that doesn't come naturally to me.

2. Exercise
As a Health Science student, I learned allll about the importance of exercise, right down to a molecular level. Even so, I rarely exercise during school. By rarely, I mean that I can count the number of times I work over the course of a semester on one hand - pretty bad, I know. This summer I've been running and doing hot yoga a ton. I truly enjoy exercising and I find that it gives me so much energy. The hard part is actually forcing myself to get started.

Since I only have to take 4 courses instead of my usual 5 and I have Mondays off, there is absolutely no excuse for me not to exercise. During the first week of school, I'm going to march over to the nearest hot yoga studio and purchase a membership. If you're looking for a quick workout that you can squeeze into a very busy schedule, try a HIIT workout video on YouTube - they are no joke and usually take less than half an hour.

3. Socialize More
Because I focus so hard on studying, I often pass up on opportunities to hangout with friends. This was especially true during my senior year of college. Many of my friends had jobs waiting for them after graduation, but I had to focus on keeping up my grades for grad school. It's easy to say no to a movie or trivia night when applications are right around the corner. However, since I'm starting at a new school, its obviously important that I put in an effort to make new friends. Studying doesn't necessarily have to involve locking myself up in my bedroom, so I hope I can find some good study buddies.

4. Stay in Touch With Friends
Normally I'm pretty terrible at keeping in touch with long distance friends. I hate having long, important conversations over text and would much rather wait to catch up in person. Isn't it the best when you haven't seen someone in months and pick up right where you left off? Unfortunately I won't have the luxury of seeing my friends as often this year since we're living further apart. I'm going to try to text/call/Skype my friends more often and book trips to visit them when I can.

5. Plan Fun Dates With My Boyfriend
I consider myself to be in a "medium" distance relationship. I say medium because my boyfriend is only 2.5 hour train ride away! This seems pretty short compared to one summer when we were an expensive 5 hour plane ride apart. I can't wait to explore more of what Toronto has to offer and make the most of our weekends together.

What are your goals for the upcoming semester?


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