Thursday, 7 March 2019

Classic Style Bloggers to Follow

Recently I shared how I've grown tired of a lot of bloggers and unfollowed a bunch on Instagram. Well today I'd like to focus on the positive and share the bloggers that I do love following. What all of these lovely ladies have in common is classic, chic style and outfits that are actually WEARABLE - dad shoes and tiny sunglasses are no where to be found on these blogs.

Blogs have always been a huge source of inspiration for me. Although I'm Canadian, my family used to vacation in New England and I was always drawn to the classic American, preppy fashion. While I no longer identify my style as preppy, I'm still drawn to classic pieces but now with more of an elevated, chic spin. Check out these blogs below for my inspiration!

Merritt from The Style Scribe
I only discovered Merritt in the last year or so. I wish that I had found her blog sooner because she is my favourite blogger! She's always sharing OOTDs on her Instagram stories. I love how she's not afraid to rewear old items in her wardrobe (and why wouldn't you if you have a closet full of gorgeous designer pieces!). She keeps it real, shares quality advice, and is also hilarious. Bonus - she has a blog on Meghan Markle's style!

Sydney from Summer Wind
I would describe Sydney's style as classic, preppy, and grown up. I will be copying a lot more of her business casual outfits for work now that I've graduated. I love that her blog has a mix of outfit shoots and more personal posts about her daily life in Pittsburg with iPhone photos. I love hearing about people's lives, as creepy as they may sound haha. Follow along as she builds a house and plans her wedding. Oh, and her dog is adorable!

Kat from With Love From Kat
Kat is a super chic blogger who recently moved from NYC to LA. While I preferred her outfits in NYC, it's refreshing to follow a West Coast blogger and be exposed to outfits that are not typically my style, like long, flowy, floral dresses. I also love following along for her luxurious travels!

Krista from Covering the Bases
My favourite thing about Krista's blog is her extensive product reviews. They're super helpful! She also does a lot of try-ons on Instagram. She has the best coats and designer accessories, and is not afraid to make her outfits pop with a bright item of clothing or shade of red lipstick.

Krystal from Krystal Schlegel
Krystal is known for her chic, everyday neutral outfits. Whenever I'm lacking inspiration, I check out her blog because a lot of her outfits are easily copiable using basic pieces that I already have in my closet. She's also a runner and posts lots of tips on working out, training etc.

Stephanie from The Girl Guide
Stephanie is a stylist from Connecticut. Her style can be described as chic, feminine, casual, and classic. I love following her Instagram stories for her two cute boys and life in Connecticut (I secretly want to move to CT and become a mommy blogger ;) ).

Mackenzie from Design Darling
Follow Mackenzie's blog for gorgeous photos, especially travel photography! I love how Mackenzie stays true to her preppy style (think lots of navy, pink, camel, white, and cableknit).

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Any recommendations on bloggers that I might like?


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  2. Thank you for the recommendations! I am excited to visit their blogs! Season's greetings to you and yours!!

  3. I am following Kat. Actually, I am a blogger, and Kat is my inspiration. I usually promote traditional fashion brands with my social accounts.

  4. These are great! Stunning Style ( is another great site focused on classic fashion and how to pull it all together.

  5. Thank you for these recommendations, I'm excited to check them out! I love timeless and classic styles, I'm looking to curate my feed with things I would actually wear as well. :)

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